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Diningrooms for your game.

Eco Dining

This set contains 2 chairs, 1 diningtable, 3 flowers, 1 decoitem, 2 sidetables/units and loftcurtains. The units are cloned from an endtable and I have rearranged the slots and added some new too. The decoitem with plates andglassbowls can be found under sculptures.

Click on picture to see more of the set!

Diningtable §250 - Both Chairs §150 - Both Sidetables/units §250 - Curtains §125 - Decoitem §50

Plant Lillies §50 - Plant in glass Vase §50 - Plant in high Vase §50


                                                                   Download Eco Dining set

Valle Dining

Valle dining consists of only 2 items. The diningtable and the chair. These items are made from a photograph a friend of mine sent to me of her diningtable. They come in 2 variations and have 3 recolorable palettes each.


 Diningtable §250  - Diningchair §150         
Download: Valle Dining set
                                          Download: Valle Dining set Pets Version

Glasia Diningroom

This diningset contains of 3 diningtables, diningchair, sidetable and an endtable. The 3 tile table have a glass surface and the other 2 diningtables have regular surfacies. Both the sidetable and the endtable have 21 slots together on the 3 shelfs. There is also an extra variation in the file. 

The sidetable is cloned from a coffeetable so the sims can't place or take anything from the topshelf, only from the middle shelf. 

Sidetable §150 - Endtable §100 - Chair §80 - 3 tile table §250 - 2 tile table §125 - 1 tile table §100

You'll find the sidetable in the diningtable category.          

                                                                    Download Glasia Dining set

Robust Dining

Robust Dining is a small diningroom set with just 3 items. Diningtable, chair and sidetable. The sidetable is cloned from a coffeetable and has 7 slots on the top shelf and 10 slots on the middle shelf. Your sim can not place or take anything from the topshelf, only from the middle shelf. You will find the sidetable in the diningtable category.

Comes with 1 extra variation.

 Sidetable §150 - Diningtable §150 - Diningchair §100       

 Download: Robust Dining set                                           Download: Robust Dining (Pets Version)

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