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Paintings with different themes and sizes.

2 Paintings

Just 2 paintings with 3 variations, the Black and White is § 300 and the Translucent Flowers is § 500.

 Download: Translucent Flowers

 Download: Black and White

3 Paintings

2 of the paintings are for childrens rooms, the 3rd for livingrooms maybe....


     Download: Café Scenes

   Download: Follow Me

   Follow Your Heart is the ingame name - sorry I named them wrong on the preview pic!

  Download: Funny Hill

X-mas Posters One and Two

Two X-mas Posters for your sims home, both have several variations and the cost is § 75 each.


 Download:  X-mas Posters One            X-mas Posters Two 

Unicorn Paintings

Unicorns, mythical creatures now as paintings. A friend of mine send these lovely screens of the unicorns in her game and said I could use them to create lovely paintings. Here are 2 and the first has 4 variations, the other has 3. I made one larger and I also used one of the screens in both paintings. Hope you don't mind. 


 Download:  Unicorn Painting


 Download: Large Unicorn Painting

Medieval Painting Large

One more painting for you on the medieval theme. I took screens of the intro when I reinstalled the game on my new compute. This painting is larger, it fits perfectly behind a 3 seated sofa. It has 7 variations and the cost is § 500.

    Download: Medieval Painting Large

Medieval Paintings Three and Four

2 more paintings from Sims Medieval. Number Three has 4 pictures of sims with different parrots, my friend has sent me those as I don't have a Sceleton Parrot or a Mechanical Parrot yet in my game. Number Four has a couple of scenes from the "intro" and then from the game.



 Price is still § 200 each. Download: Medieval Painting Three  -   Medieval Painting Four

Medieval Paintings One and Two

2 paintings with 4 variations each, with pictures from my Sims Medieval game. The cost is § 200 for them.



   Download: Medieval Paintings One  -  Medieval Paintings Two 

3 Paintings

I know it's Christmas but I saw these prints and wanted to make some regular paintings. Each have 4 or 6 variations so I hope you'll enjoy them.

                                                                          Download Dancing

                                                                    Download High Heels


                                                            Download Wild and Domestic

Christmas Paintings

I made 3 more Christmas paintings with 6-7 variations included. Sometimes in my game I get a reddish glow on new paintings and I think it has to do with my graphic card. They all cost § 300 each and if you have Night Life you can move them up and down the wall.


                                                                Download Christmas Spirit One


                                                           Download Christmas Spirit Two


                                          Download Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Painting

Here is a 3 in one painting with 2 variations. Christmas is soon here and maybe this painting will bring some Christmas spirit into your sims house.


                                  Variation 1          Download Christmas Painting          Variation 2

 The cost is § 500

Winter prints

I've made a new paintingmesh with some winter scenes on it. There are 5 variations on each of these paintings and the cost is §500!


                                                                            Winter Prints One


                                                                           Winter Prints Two

Laundry painting

This painting is perfect for your sims laundry room. 3 variations and the cost is §500. A little more expensive than usual. The frame is from the basegame.

                                                                 Download Laundry Painting

Magnolia Prints

Made with Workshop Version

Lovely Magnolias in 5 variations. Basegame frame and the cost is §300.


                                                               Download Magnolia Prints


Made with Workshop Version

Lovely Orchids in 6 variations. Basegame frame and the price is §300  

                                                                    Download Orchids

Delicate Chinese

Made with Workshop Version

This is a painting with 6 variations with delicate chinese art. WA frame and the cost is §200

                                                            Download Delicate Chinese

French Influence

Made with Workshop Version

A painting with 5 variations with influences from France. It's a basegame frame and the cost is §150.


                                                              Download French Influence

Asian Prints

Made with Workshop Version

A painting for those asian themes. Comes with 6 varations and was cloned from a painting from World Adventures.  Cost §200.


                                                              Download Asian Prints

China Prints

Made with Workshop Version

A painting with 6 variations of China prints made by an anonymous artist. Cloned from a WA frame  and the cost is §200.


                                                               Download China Prints

Egyptian Scenes

Made with Workshop Version

A painting with Egyptian Prints, 6 variations and a basegame frame. The cost is §200. 



                                                                Download Egyptian Scenes                         

World Tea - World Kitchens

Made with Workshop Version

A painting for the kitchen with 6 variations, 3 withworld tea and 3 with world kitchen themes. Basegame frame and the cost is §150.


                                                                  Download World Tea and Kitchen

From France

Made with Workshop Version

A painting with 4 variations and scenes from France. It's a basegame frame and the cost is §200.

                                                                  Download From France

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All items made with

TSR Workshop        
Version 2.0.28 (30/10-11)
My game is updated with the latest patch with Pets.
I have all EPs, Fast Lane, Outdoor Stuff and Town Life Stuff!

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