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Hi, I'm sorry but I'm closing this site now.. 


No more creating I'm afraid!        Update 12/04 2016

Sadly I have to say that I will not come back to creating for The Sims. I have no time and also, it's been so many years now since my last creation I have to learn everything again. And the will for that isn't here. To be honest I'm not sure how many of my creations work either as I hardly play the game at all now. I haven't done so since last year when I did have an urge to play.

If I do start playing again I will do so only for pleasure, not creating. I loved doing stuff for the game but there are so many other things in life now than how it was then.I'm not entirely sure either how long I will have this website up.. I have payed for it until november this year.

Don't know when or if I will start creating again!  13/3 2013

As you probably have understood I haven't been active for some time now. I'm not sure when I'll be back and recently I lost my friend who used to give me tips on what to create. We both used to send pictures from our games to eachother, talk about the game but in the last year we played Skyrim most of the time. Now she has lost her fight with the fatal disease she had and I miss her very much. 

So sorry for this

Time flies!                                                  

I'm sorry but for the moment I'm hooked on Skyrim again. I haven't abandoned Sims, I promise, but I feel so uninspired at the moment. 

New file in Greek Dining set!

A nice person alerted me that something was wrong with the Diningtable in the Greek Dining set. I have now fixed it and you can download the new file on the: no link. 

2 Paintings                                                      23/6

I'm sorry but I have only 2 paintings at the moment, very little time to create but next will be a Medieval Nursery. The paintings have 3 variations and can be downloaded from: no link


2 Dollhouses                                                  31/5

Sorry, these took a bit longer than I anticipated... I was going to make 3 but decided to make only 2. Unfortunately the kids will bleed in to the dollhouse a little but not much, hope you don't mind. You'll find them on the: no link.

Picket Fence Nursery                                     12/5

Next Nursery is the PicketFence, only 5 items in this set I'm afraid. So no extra deco items... download from the: no link.


Robust  Nursery                                                1/5

Simple Nursery matching the Robust Bedroom. In the set are 7 items, 2 of them are Decorative toys.
Download the set or individual items from the: no link. 

Have a look in no link too for more pics of the items.

3 Patterns and 3 Paintings                                  23/4

While thinking about what new meshes to make I have for you today 3 fabric patterns and 3 paintings. You'll find them on the no link and no link page.


4 Pedestals                                         21/4

I am happy to say that I am back to creating but I will be doing it in my own pace. I haven't created for several months and need to 'get in to it' again before I do anything more advanced.

I have for you today a small set with just pedestals. There are 3 variations on each and you can download them on the no link. 


X-mas Posters                                                             9/12

Christmas is around the corner, I do have some time and I have started with 2 posters for your sims. Download from the no link.


Fu-Nicha Tableset                                         6/12

I usually never make big sets so here is a small table set of glastables. They all have an extra slot on the base and you can download them from no link.


Hemnes Set Four                                                       20/11

Set four has 5 items for the bedroom with bedframes, endtables and a 1 tile dresser.
Download from the no link.


Hemnes Set Three                                          14/11

Set Three have 4 items with many slots added. A Bookcase, a Lower Wide Sidetable, a 0.5 tile Sidetable and a Wallshelf. Download from no link.


Hemnes Set Two                                                        9/11

Here are 4 High Shelves in the Hemnes Collection. 3 with glassdoors and there are slots on each shelf. Download from no link. Pets Version only!


2 Unicorn Paintings                                       1/11

Today I have 2 unicorn paintings for you, screens are from a friend of mine. One have 4 variations and costs § 250, the other has 3 variations and costs § 500 as it's larger. 

Download no link. 


Medieval Bedroom set Pets Version             30/10

Today I have updated the Medieval Bedroom set to a Pets Version. I've used red text for Pets Versions so make sure you download the correct version for your game. You'll find it on the no link where the other set is.

Hemnes Collection Set One                                14/10

Many have done items from IKEAs Hemnes, I wanted to do my interpretation too. The first set have 4 items and you can download them from the no link.

Medieval Painting Large                                        9/10

While installing Sims Medieval to my new computer I took some screens from the intro of the basegame and used them for a larger painting. It fits perfect behind a 3 seater and have 7 variations.

Download no link. 


Medieval Paintings Three and Four              24/9

2 more Medieval Paintings with pictures from my game and my friends game. no link


Medieval Bedroom set                                               14/9

A small set inspired from Sims Medieval. There are 5 items in the set and you can download it 


Set for the Casino Theme                                          7/6

Finally some items for the Casino theme. 3 tables, 2 lamps and 5 decoitems. Two tables can be used as diningtables but not the larger Cardtable. I tried but failed to make it work so this can be used as an imaginary Cardtable. It's taken from Sims 2 and is only to make the illusion of a Casino. The decoitems you can find in the misc category or sculptures.

Download from the


More for the Casino Theme                                    10/5

Today I have more for the Casino theme. I got the meshes from Sims 2 and as there are no such tables in Sims 3 yet they are unfortunately only decoration. I have cloned endtables to get some slots for the decoitems so you can place balls and a poolcue on it. There are 9 slots on the tables, 3 in the middle.

In the set are also 2 paintings and the decoitems and a Wallrack for poolcues. It will not disappear when the walls are down.

Download from the 


Adding to the Casino Theme                                30/4

First I'm sorry for being slow in giving you new objects, I'm looking into some furniture that needs more work but I have some more items for you today. It's a Dice endtable and a Dice chair. The chair is a diningchair like the poker chip chair. There are also 2 paintings with Casino themes and 1 more pattern with 4 channels. 

Download from the 


New Theme - Casino                                     18/4

I got a request from a simmer about a casino theme. After thinking about it I decided to give it a try and now I have started with a few objects and patterns. More will come of course as I am right now meshing other furniture in this theme. But first comes 3 patterns and 2 items. The Poker Chip endtable and Poker Chip diningchair. All have 3 channels. 

Download from the 

I will also when time add more to the Greek theme and also make other sets as well. 

Athena Oil Lamps                                         25/3

Finally I have 2 lamps for you, I wanted to have flames to make them more 'real' so I came up with a solution. It is a floorlamp and an outdoorlamp and the first one is based on a real ancient greek lamp.

Go to the  to download. 


Athena Dining set                                            6/3

For today I have the Athena Dining set. The set contains 6 items, all recolorable with 3 channels. For now I have no lamps, they will come at a later date. The chair is another Klismos Chair. Go to the  to download. 


More Greek Patterns                                                  20/2

I also have 3 more Greek patterns today. Two are stone and one is fabric but you can use them all on clothing. Go to the to see the rest of them.


Greek House 4th Century BC                                  20/2

I still have some problems creating, especially when meshing but building is fine. I found a drawing of a Greek House from the 4th Century and this house is inspired by it. I have only furnished a few of the rooms, the kitchen, the livingroom and the baths. You can also remove more walls to make larger rooms. It has an inner courtyard but the house hasn't got a 'real frontdoor' but I haven't seen any problems with that while testing the house.

You'll find it in  and for downloading it and a link to the album to see more pictures. 


 Read more about the house .

5 Greek Patterns

As you might have seen if you have read my blog I'm suffering from a muscle strain at the moment. It's getting better but I can't spend so much time doing this at the moment. However, I managed to finish 5 new greek patterns for you. 3 stone and 2 fabrics. You can download them on the .