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Picket Fence Nursey

In this nursery there are 5 items, sorry but no extra deco objects. It's made to match the Picket Fence Bedroom. There is a Crib, a Toybox, a High Chair a Potty and a Dollhouse. You will find all the items under the Kids Category.

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 Prices are from § 60 for the Potty to § 350 for the Dollhouse. 

 Download: Picket Fence Crib - Picket Fence High Chair - Picket Fence Toybox -

                     Picket Fence Potty - Picket Fence Dollhouse   Download whole set: Picket Fence Nursery

Robust Nursery

There are 7 items for the nursery including Crib, High Chair, Potty, Toybox, Simple Dollhouse and 2 Deco Toys. There is also onevariation in the package. You will find everything under the Kids categories.

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 Prices are from § 35 for the Decoitems to § 250 for the Crib.

 Download: Robust Crib - Robust Dollhouse - Robust Toybox - Robust High Chair - Robust Potty -
                      Deco Car - Deco Plane                Download whole set: Robust Nursery

Medieval Bedroomset

I started this set early this summer but I haven't had the time to finish until now. There are 5 items, double bed, single bed, dresser, endtable and roomdivider with 2 sides. 

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  Doublebed § 1000 - Singlebed § 650 - Dresser § 400 - Endtable § 200 - Roomdivider § 250

  Download - Medieval Bedroom

  Download:  - Medieval Bedroom PetsV

Picket Fence Bedroom

Here is a bedroom for the younger ones. It's 8 items in the set and it includes a single bedframe, a dresser, an endtable, a desk and chair, a livingchair, a mirror and a sidetable of boxes. All items with surface have extra slots for decoitems or other stuff. On the sidetable you need to turn the item in some places to get it right.

Important! On the dresser there is a slot on the bottom shelf but if you have anything there when the sim want to use it you have to remove it or the sim can't open the drawer.

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Single Bedframe § 500 - Dresser § 400 - Endtable § 200 - Livingchair § 175 - Sidetable § 200 (found in endtables) Desk § 175 - Chair § 120 - Mirror § 200 

Download: Picket Fence set                                       Download: Picket Fence Set (Pets Version)

Robust Bedroom

Robust Bedroom with 8 items - The dresser has 5 slots and the desk has 4 slots.

Do not place an item that goes over the edge on the 2 front slots on the dresser, your sim will not be able to use it then. Place only smaller items there.

Comes with 1 extra variation. 


Double Bedframe §600
Single Bedframe §450
Bench §175
Endtable §200
Dresser 1 tile §250
Chair §100
Desk 1 tile §130
Painting 6 variations § 100




   Download: Robust bedroom set

   Download: Robust Bedroom set  (Pets Version)

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