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Casino Theme

Casino inspired patterns and objects. Pictures in the Casino Theme album.

Casino Set 2 with 10 items

Finally I have some more Casino items. There are 10 items in this set and you can get the items individually too. The tables do work as diningtables except for the larger Cardtable. This is the cardtable from Sims 2 and I have had some trouble trying to make it as a diningtable but I can't get it to work as such. Remember to have just something small in the middle if you want your sims to eat at the table. The Roulettetable also works as a diningtable at 5 places at one end of it. There are 5 decoitems, all found in the Misc items or Sculptures. 1 wall light and 1 table lamp. 

 More pictures in the album, link above. 


Cost for the items are: Roulettetable §500 Cardtable small §200 Cardtable Large §250 Wall light §50 Tablelamp §60 Decoitems §3-§10

Download: Roulettetable   Cardtable Small   Cardtable Large   Dice Wall light   Dice Table light

                   Chip Holder     Chips and cards     Chip Rake      Poker  Chips      Chips          

Download set: Casino Set 2

Download lamps, tables, card and roulette: CasinoTables (Pets Version)    Dice Lamps (Pets Version)

Casino set with pooltables, deco only (cloned endtables)              

Today I have 8 items for your Casino. The pooltables are from Sims 2 and your sims can not play pool on them. As there are no such tables in Sims 3 yet these are only for decoration and are cloned endtables.

I've made a couple of decoitems to put on the tables, a rack of poolballs, a split of balls and a single poolcue. A wallrack of poolcues for your wall. There are 6 slots on the sides of the tables and 3 slots in the middle. There are also 2 poolpaintings with 4 variations each.

Have a look in the Casino Theme album for more pictures, link above.


Download: Pooltable One - Pooltable TwoRack of Balls - Split balls - Wallrack of cues - Single poolcue 


Download: Pool painting - Pool 2 painting -             Download set - CasinoSet

To make it easy to find the items I have put the pooltables in the sport category and the rest you can find in Sculptures or misc deco. The Rack of balls is also in the sport category by misstake.

Cost of items: Pooltable One § 300, Pooltable Two § 400, Single cue, split balls and rack of balls § 15, wallrack of poolcues § 75. The paintings § 100 each.


Dice chair and table, 2 paintings and 1 pattern

Slowly continuing with the theme I give you a few more items. It's a dice diningchair and a dice endtable. Both have 3 channels each for recoloring. There are 2 paintings with 4 variations each and 1 pattern with 4 channels.  The pattern is in the theme category. The endtable have 5 slots but you can't place items on all at the same time. If you place one item in the middle you can place 3 items on it. If you use the corner slots you can place 4 items on it.


Cost is §100 each for the chair and the endtable. §75 for each painting

Download: Dice Chair      Dice Endtable     Painting Cards     Painting Poker 

Download: Dice Chair and Table (Pets Version)


          Casino Four

3 patterns and Poker Chip table and chair.

I'll start off with 3 patterns with the classical symbols of playingcards. The club, the diamond, the heart and the spade. All three have 3 channels and they are all in the Themed category. The Poker Chip endtable and Poker Chip diningchair also have 3 channels.

 Click on picture to get to the Casino Theme album.


 Cost for Poker Chip endtable § 125 and Poker Chip diningchair § 100

 Download: Poker Chip Endtable                  Poker Chip diningchair

 Download: Poker Chip Chair and Table (Pets Version)

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