Stuff For Sims 3


Go to the Gallery to see the fabrics and geometry patterns ingame.

3 Warp patterns

Something I tried in my new graphicsprogram, the warp feature:

All have 3 recolorable palettes, looks best on clothing.


       Download: Confetti                         Download: Warp                        Download: Bubblewarp


    Download: Ants                            Download: Ants Walk                     Download: Clover 

 All have 3 channels


 Have a look at the gallery page to see more pictures with these patterns.

Download individually: Pattern 1  Pattern 2  Pattern 3  Pattern 4  Pattern 5 

Download: All 5 in Going Retro Set.   



Download: Circles  - 3 channels               Download: Retroleaves - 4 channels



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