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Greek - Roman Theme

Here are themed patterns and objects for a Greek - Roman theme

To have a closer look of patterns and objects look in this album

Athena Oil Lamps

So sorry for the delay but I have tried to figure out how to do this as it's not possible to clone the Tikilamps and get the flames to go with them, yet anyway. Here are 2 lamps for your greek home, the floorlamp is based on a real ancient lamp and the other is an outdoor lamp but you can of course use it indoors as well. 

I came up with this solution for the floorlamp, a small 'floating' table and the small tikilamp on top of this. Then use the cheat moveObjects on and move the greek lamp on top. For the Outdoor lamp just move the greek one over the tiki outdoor lamp. More pictures in the album.

Click on picture to get to the new album.


 Cost § 150 each and you can find them in Floorlamps and Outdoorlamps, the floating endtable § 5 in endtables

 Download:  Athena Oil Floorlamp      Athena Oil Outdoor lamp        Floating endtable

Athena Dining set

Athena Dining set in a dark wood with golden decorations, contains 6 items, a diningtable, a chair (a Klismos variation), a sidetable, amirror, a large plate and small bowls. I will make some lighting later on to match the greek theme. Other items on pictures are my pottery and items from the Store. You will find the plate and the bowls in the sculpture category and Misc items category if you don't have a sculpture category.

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 Cost of items - Diningtable § 450, Chair § 350, Sidetable § 400, Mirror § 150,
  Large Plate § 40, Bowls § 25

 Download:    Diningtable - Chair - Sidetable - Mirror - Large Plate - Bowls     

 Whole set:  Athena Diningset

3 more Greek Patterns

Here are three more patterns for today. Two of them are stone and one is a fabric but you can use them on everything if you like. See more pictures in the Greek album linked too above, the last pictures added. 


                      Stone                                                Stone                                                   Fabric

           Greek Square Key                       Greek Key Flower w Circle                          Greek Cross Key

5 Greek Patterns

As you might have seen if you have read my blog I'm suffering from a muscle strain at the moment. It's getting better but I can't spend so much time doing this at the moment. Today I have 5 patterns, 3 stone/concrete and 2 fabrics. The difference in the fabrics is that I removed 'the centre' part in one. The fabrics looks nice also on furniture and walls. More pics on the patterns in the Greek Roman Album


           Stone                             Stone                            Stone                           Fabric                           Fabric

  Greek Concrete 1     Greek Concrete 2     Greek Concrete 3    Greek Key Fabric 1   Greek Key Fabric 2

                                                                Download the set 5 Greek Patterns

Greek Dining                new diningtable file!

Small set with 3 items only, a diningtable, a chair and a sidetable. The chair is a variation of the famous Klismos Chair. There are many variations of this chair and I will make some more of that item later on. The sidetable have extra slots and is cloned from an endtable. I couldn't find a table that matches the Klismos chair so I have used the same shape on the legs on both the table and the sidetable so they would match. The Sidetable is found in the endtable category.

There are more pictures in the Greek - Roman album.


 Cost of items - Klismos Chair § 250, Diningtable § 290, Sidetable § 240

 Download:  Klismos Chair  - new  Diningtable V2  -   Sidetable         
 Or download the set:  Greek Dining new file in the set too.

More Greek Pottery

Another small set or individuals if you prefer that, of greek pottery. They are 1 jug and 2 amphoras and they are leaning against the wall. 2-3 channels and they are also found in sculptures and in the misc category.


 The cost for these are Jug §  125, Large Amphora § 175, Small Amphora § 100

 Download Greek Jug     Large Amphora      Small Amphora       Download Greek PotteryTwo Set

Greek Pottery

A small set of Greek pottery, and more will come in the future. Two greek pottery with the the greek key "patterns" on them and a Wine Amphora. They have 2-3 channels and can be found under sculptures or in  the misc category.

From left to right on the left picture: Greek pot One, Wine Amphora, Greek pot Two



 The cost: § 150 for the pottery and § 200 for the Wine Amfora. 

   Download Greek pot One    Greek pot Two     Wine Amphora              Download set Greek Pottery


All these 10 patterns have 3 recolorable palettes. Have a look in the album here for screens from game. 


Fabric - Greek Key One            Fabric - Greek Key One Small         Fabric - Greek Key Three


Fabric - Greek Key Two      Fabric - Greek Key Two Small         Fabric - Greek Key Two Small 1


Stone - Roman Greek Floor Two   Stone - Roman Maze Concrete   Stone - Roman Greek Floor Three


Stone - Roman Greek Floor One

Download all patterns in one zip.  Roman Greek Patterns Set

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