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Hemnes - IKEA

Many have of course already made items from the Hemnes Collection, here is my interpretation!

Hemnes Set Four

Set four includes 2 endtables, 2 bedframes and a 1 tile dresser. You will see the cost of each items on the pictures in the Hemnes album


   Download: Hemnes Set 4 (Pets Version only) 
   22/11 - I have done some small adjustments to the bedmeshes.

Hemnes Set Three

In the third set there are 4 items, a 1 tile Sidetable, a Bookcase, a Wallshelf and a Lower Wide Sidetable. Cost for each is on the picture. You will find the wallshelf among the cabinets and the sidetables among the endtables. As usual I have added a lot of slots and using the M-key on your keyboard when placing objects makes it easier. When placing objects on the Wallshelf you have to zoom out a little and you can place objects easy.

 For more pictures look in the Hemnes Album.


   I have written 0.5 tile but it it is a 1 tile sidetable..

    Download: Hemnes Set Three   (Pets Version only)

Hemnes Set Two

4 High Hemnes Shelves with or without glassdoors. All are 1 tile except the slimmer one, that one is 0.5 tile. All are in the endtable category but now you can make your own collection as I have done to find them easier. There are 3 slots on each shelf and 1 on each shelf on the 0.5 tile. Use the M Key on your keyboard for easier placement. See more pictures in the Hemnes album.



Download: Hemnes Set Two  (Pets Version only) 

Hemnes Set One                        

This first set includes 4 items. A 1 tile coffeetable, a coffeetable, a sidetable and a desk. You'll find the sidetable in the endtable category.More pictures of the items in this album. You can download each individually or in a set.

 Download: Hemnes Set One

 Download Pets Version: Hemnes Set One PetsV

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