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50s Lounge from IKEA

Another set with influence from the 50s and IKEA. I found a picture in a paper and made some of the furniture. There are 7 meshes in the set with 2 coffeetables, 1 livingchair, 1 loveseat, 1 sidetable, 1 floorlamp and a magazine rack with Sims magazines in it. Click here to have a look at the original furnitures.

There is only one variation in the files but I have added a lot of slots on all surfaces, both on the coffeetables and the sidetable.

Click on picture to see more of the set!

Sidetable § 250 - Livingchair § 300 - Loveseat § 400 - Coffeetable § 225 - Coffeetable 1x1 § 185

Floorlamp § 175 - Magazine Rack § 65.

You'll find the magazine rack in sculptures or misc items and the sidetable in endtables.

                                                               Download 50s Lounge set

Retro IKEA 50s set

A retro set for your sim to relax in. The set contains 7 items, a livingchair, a loveseat, a coffeetable, a stringshelf, a sidetable, a floorlamp and a deco bowl with 'Water and Lillies'. The chair and the loveseat are from 1954, the coffeetable from 1956 and this was the very first item IKEA had for sale in a box to assemble at home. The floorlamp is from 1958 and so is the sidetable and shelf. 

Click on picture to see more of the set!

Livingchair §  300 - Loveseat § 400 - Leaf Coffeetable § 150 - Sidetable § 250 - Stringshelf § 125 -

floorlamp § 200 and Glassbowl § 50. 

You will find the Sidetable among the coffeetables, the Shelf among the Cabinets and the Bowl among the Sculptures. 

                                                           Download Retro IKEA set


To place the shelf above the sidetable or anything else you nead to use the moveObjects on cheat as it is a clone of an endtable. 

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