Stuff For Sims 3

Object sets

On this page you'll find object sets that don't fit on other pages.


 Not a set but 2 Dollhouses, the kids bleed in to them a little if you don't mind.

 Eco Dollhouse is § 450 and High Dollhouse is § 400.

                        Download: High Dollhouse                                                        Eco Dollhouse

4 Pedestals                                                      

In this set you'll find 4 different pedestals. I have made 3 variations on each and some have 2 - recolorable palettes. They can all be found in the category coffeetable and the price is between § 150 - 200.

 Download: 4 Pedestals

Fu-Nicha Tables Set

In this small set there are 3 glastables, inspired from tables called Fu-Nicha. An endtable andtwo coffeetables. They all have an extra slot on the base. More pics in this album.

 Download: Fu-Nicha Tableset

 Other furniture in pictures are from The Store

New set matching EAs items

I always miss something with EAs furniture so I decided to make some to match. I love the Danish seating, the sofa, loveseat and chair and I have made 6 items to match those. There are 3 sidetables, 1 desk, 1 bookcase and a coffeetable in the set. The main mesh in each is copied from the original mesh of the sofa.

Don't place the items to near the wall so the side of them are to close as they will bleed in to the wall, just place them a little bit away from it. There are also a lot of slots on each shelf and as usual, start to place items from the bottomshelf.

  Click on the first picture to see more pictures!


 Cost of items:  Low sidetable §200, M Sidetable § 275, High Sidetable § 300, Bookcase § 500,
 Desk § 250,  Coffeetable § 250
     You will find the 3 sidetables among the endtables.                                  

 Download: Danish Set

Shelves System Part 3

So I've made 5 more items for the Shelving System. They can all be found under the endtable category except for the desk. There are many slots on each shelf and do as before, start at the bottom as it's a bit tricky to place items if you start from the top. 

 Click on picture to see more pictures!


Cost of items: Desk § 110, Low Corner § 115, Very High Corner § 150, Very High Halfshelves § 140,

Very High SideTwo § 150

                                                                 Download Shelves System Part 3

Shelves System Part 2

4 more shelves in this set for you to mix with the previous ones. They are all ½ tile and all can be found under the endtable category. I have put 1 slot on each shelf except on the two lower shelves. On each topshelf on these there are 5 slots. Place out all the shelves you want first before you place objects on the shelves.

 Click on picture to see more pictures!

Cost of each item: The SideTwoThree Shelf § 110, The High shelf § 125, the last 2 § 100

                                                                 Download Shelves System Part 2

Shelves System Part 1

After some time playing the game I have started a new set with shelves. I will upload in 2 sets and here is the first of them. The set has 4 items and each item is exactly 1 tile wide so they look very nice together. The 4 items are 2 sidetables, a corner and a bookcase.

Start from the bottom shelf when placing items as it can be a bit tricky to place objects on the topshelf first. 

You will find the items in the endtable category except for the bookcase.

Click on picture to see more of the set!

 Cost of each item: Corner item § 125 - Bookcase § 650 - both SideOne and SideTwo § 110

                                                                     Download Shelves System Part 1

CCTV Cameras

3 CCTV Cameras: 1 to the left, 1 to the right and 1 straight forward. They are cloned from the burglar alarm so they work as this too. In the game the burglaralarm isn't recolorable so the cameras can't be as well. They all come in grey shades and look lighter when the sun or indoor lights are on.  If you have them indoor.

 They all cost  §500 each and you'll find them where the alarms are.

                                                                   Download CCTV Cameras

Hallway sets

2 sets for the hallway. One is with the furniture and the other with the decoitems. There are many CC slots for you to place items on. The dresser is functional but be careful and do not place anything large near the drawer as the sim can't use the dresser then. There is also one more variation in the file.

 Click on picture to see more of the set!

                         Download Hallwayset                         Download Hallway Decoset

There are 5 items in each set.

Hallwayset: Endtable § 150 - Shoeshelf § 225 - Dresser § 400 - Chair § 250 - Mirror § 17. Shoeshelf found in endtables. 

Hallway Decoset: Simple retroradio § 100 - Hat - Helmet - Boots - Firemans boots - all are § 50 each. All decos found in misc deco.  

Solid Wood Set

This set has 5 tables. 2 2-tile coffeetables, 1 1-tile coffeetable, 1 endtable and 1 cornertable. All tables are cloned from basegame tables. They all have extra slots added so you can place a lot of stuff on them. 

All tables have 3 recolorable palettes. 

In the file is an extra variation in darker wood.

1 tile coffeetable § 150

2 tile coffeetable § 250

2 tile coffeetable V2 § 250

Endtable § 200

Cornertable § 245

You can find the cornertable in the endtable category. 






   Download: Solid Wood Set

Unfortunally I have some trouble with the Solid Wood Set when trying to create a Pets Version. Red lines appear on each item ingame so I have to redo the meshes too! It might be some time before I have time for that I´m afraid.

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