Stuff For Sims 3

Earlier additions

Greek Dining

 A diningset for your greek sim. The famous Klismos Chair, this is one of many variations you can buy in the real world. I took the legs and made a diningtable and a sidetable to match. The greek key pattern is on both tables and you can choose any color of it. 

Download from the Greek Roman Theme page


Greek Pottery

Unfortunately I haven't had so much time lately to make anything but today I have 2 sets of decorative Greek potteryitems. It's 2 pots and 1 wine amphora in one set and 2 amphoras and a Jug in the other set. You can download theme on the Theme page.


Going Greek and Roman

During the holidays I played another game called Roads of Rome and suddenly I felt like doing something for  this period in history. After making 6 patterns I saw that today, 7 January The Sims 3 Store came out with a Greek set so I decided to make another 4 patterns. There will also be some objects in the near future. 

The patterns all have 3 palletes, 6 are fabric and 4 are stone floors. These are the fabric patterns.

Go to the download page for all patterns and link to screenshots. 

Earlier additions

3 Paintings

Despite it being Christmas week I just felt like making these paintings. They have 4 or 6 variations and cost § 100 for the High Heels and § 500 for the other two. Download theme here


Matching items for EAs Danish furniture

The lack of items in EAs sets are well known so I made some for the Danish sofa, loveseat and chair. I love those items and now you too can have some shelves, a desk and a matching bookcase. The items are made from the same mesh as the seatings so they look right for them. As they are 1 tile wide they will bleed in to the wall on the side a bit so I recommend you place them just a little bit away on the side as you can see on some of the pictures I have.

Download the set here

Christmas paintings

Download it from the Paintings page.

Winter Prints

A new painting mesh with winter prints. I've made 2 paintings with 5 variations in each. Download here.


Earlier additions

New set - Shelving System

With the shelving sets being so popular I have made some additions to the sets so here are part 3. It contains a desk, a lower corner, and 3 highershelves. Download it from the Objects page


Here are the remaining items for the shelving system. 4 more shelves, ½ tile, to mix with the others. They are all under the endtable category. 


Finally a new set after playing and having fun with the new EP. It's a shelving system with a cornershelves item and a bookcase. There will be more coming soon but I decided to split them up in two sets. 

 There are a lot of slots on each item, start from the bottom shelf when placing objects on them.

Earlier additions

New set - Picket Fence Bedroom set

After a couple of days with the trouble of installing the latest EP Late Night, I finally have a set for you. I had some issues with the update/patch so I have had to reinstall and nowI don't have so many decoitems as I had before so for you'll see a lot of the same items for a while on my furniture. 

This set is for kids or teens with 8 items. You can download it here

 Have fun with it!

New IKEA set - 50s Lounge  15/10

A new set inspired from retro IKEA. It has 7 items and you can download it here.

Hope you'll enjoy it!


Today I have some earrings for you. They are not glamorous or anything like that but more 'ordinary'. But they have 2 extra variations and 3 pallettes. Go to the accessory page for download!



Retro IKEA 50s set - 28/9

Like Retro? This set is inspired from IKEA and furniture from the 50s. The style is clean and simple. The loveseat, chair are from 1954 and the sidetable and shelf from 1958. The coffeetable is from 1956 and this table was the very first furniture sold that you could assemble at home. Get the set here!

Going Retro... Do you like Retro? I've made 5 patterns from wallpapers from the 50s and 60s. They go very well on clothing but of course you can use them on walls and furniture too. I put all of them in one zip. 

Go to the Fabric and Geometry page to download. 

I got a request to make some CCTV Cameras and here are 3!

Hallway sets 25/8

Today I have 2 sets. It's a hallwayset and a hallwaydeco set. I split them into 2 sets just in case you want the furniture only. There are a lot of slots for you to put items on. When arriving in a home the first you come into is the hallway, usually! So here is a shoshelf with a topshelf for hats, a dresser with place for shoes or other items, a mirror, and an endtable with a chair. Download from here