Stuff For Sims 3

How do I do?

All files are Sims3packs, this is the only file I will offer.

After you have downloaded the rar file/s to your desktop or other place on your computer, you extract the file from the WinRAR file. Then there are a couple of ways to install. 

  •  Double click the Sims3pack and the TS3Launcher will open and you can install from the installation tab.
  • If you have many Sims3packs you can open the downloads folder and move all the files into this folder. After this open your TS3Launcher and install all files from the installation tab. 

Remember to remove the files from the downloads folder as they are no longer needed.


Get WinRAR here. It's free and can be used even after the trial.

TOU - Terms of use

All the items/pictures on this site are under copyright of Stuff for Sims 3. Cloning meshes is not allowed unless you have permission.
  • You may include items in lots when uploading to other sites and leave credit to Stuff For Sims 3. 
  • Do not link directly to any files or pictures as this is hotlinking and is not allowed.